Charlotte Hodes


Interview, Studio International 16.07.14

Charlotte Hodes interviewed by Janet McKenzie for Studio International. 'In The Grammar of Ornament: New Paper Cuts and Ceramics, artist Charlotte Hodes takes as her cue the seminal 19th-century publication The Grammar of Ornament (1856), by the architect and designer Owen Jones, to investigate...

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‘Silhouettes and Filigree’ Marlborough Fine Art 2009

Drawing is the way in which I begin. I make pencil drawings and take photos from observation which enable me to construct images in my mind. I do not invent. The drawings become modulated and changed through subsequent drawings, tracings, digital manipulation or as hand...

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Drawing Skirts Baring Wing 2008

Drawing Skirts Baring Wing, University of Northumbria, Newcastle 2008Catalogue essay by Charlotte Hodes My interest in using skirts as subject matter within artworks developed out of my period of research as Associate Artist at the Wallace Collection from 2005 -2007. During this time I...

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Surfing History Eagle Gallery 1999

Surfing History Eagle Gallery 1999by Deborah Dean Sitting in her studio in front of three new paintings, Charlotte Hodes talks of how she always considered herself a conventional person but that as time passes she realise the opposite is true. The paintings speak of this contradiction...

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Catalogue Introduction 'Figurines'

Catalogue Introduction Figurines Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery 1993 Deborah Dean Charlotte Hodes’ paintings have an immediate impact, exploding on the eye with a rich diversity of pattern and bright ‘jangling’ colours. They then draw the viewer in and closer looking reveals many...

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Paintings 1991-1992 Eagle Gallery

Charlotte Hodes - Paintings 1991-1992 Eagle Gallery Paula Rego in conversation with Francesca Rossi PR Pattern is like an incantation. You fill in whole areas compulsively like a magic doodle. It is the opposite of modelling a form. When you model a form you have...

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