Charlotte Hodes

Dinner Services

Pink a dinner service tureen1 Pink, a dinner service, tureen, unique, Spode 'Italian' engraved transfer, platinum onto china, 6 place settings, 2001, Collection of Potteries Museum
Dinnerservice 61
Dinnerservice 51
Dinnerservice 41
Dinnerservice 31
Dinnerservice 21
Dinnerservice 11
Pink a dinner service tureen1
Dinner service ii11
Installation 411
Dinner service i installation eagle gallery11

Two unique dinner services made in 2001 at Spode in collaboration with West Midlands Arts & Potteries Museum (purchased for their permanent collection), that drew on the historical archive of transfers at the factory. Exhibited at the Design Biennial, Design Museum London 2003. A further dinner service was commissioned in 2008 for a private collection.