Charlotte Hodes
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The Arras Conference 06.04.17-07.04.17

Université d’Artois, Arras, France. Edward Thomas 1878-1917.

Poet Deryn Rees-Jones and Charlotte Hodes will discuss their first collaboration And You, Helen which took the form of a poemfilm. Deryn’s 12-part poem is a poetic reimagining of Helen Thomas, widow of World War I poet Edward Thomas. Charlotte in turn responded with a series of papercuts to create a poemfilm which explores notions of loss and redemption, and poetic preoccupations with constructions of a female self, and our relation to the female body.

This project was commissioned by Ledbury Poetry and supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The book And You, Helen which includes the poem, a long reflective essay on Helen and Edward Thomas by Deryn Rees-Jones and papercuts by Charlotte Hodes is published by Seren.