Charlotte Hodes
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Questions of Travel, a filmpoem collaboration and screening 15.05.15

Following their successful collaborative book publication and animation And You, Helen (Seren) Charlotte Hodes and poet Deryn Rees-Jones have been commissioned by University of Sheffield to create a new filmpoem for the Festival of the Arts and Humanities in Sheffield.

The American poet Elizabeth Bishop arrived in Brazil in November 1951 on a travelling fellowship. She was to live there for the next fifteen years. In her poem Questions of Travel Bishop asks: ‘Is it a lack of imagination that makes us come/ to imagined places, not just stay at home.’

wooden shoes ink drawing 26 x 24cm

In this unique collaboration, artist Charlotte Hodes and poet Deryn Rees-Jones respond to Bishop's poem by creating a new poemfilm that experiments with the differences between image, text and voice to think more generally about the poetic process, and the parallels that might be drawn between actual journeys and the poetic and artistic journeys of reading, drawing, thinking and writing.

The filmpoem screening will take place on Friday 15 May 7- 9pm at Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BS. It will be introduced by the film's creators, Charlotte Hodes & Deryn Rees-Jones. Afterwards, Elizabeth Bishop scholar, Dr Jonathan Ellis, will chair a discussion of the film.

It will also be screened at the conference ‘Elizabeth Bishop's Questions of Travel: Fifty Years After’ 25.06.15 - 27.06.15 hosted by Dr. Jonathan Ellis, Senior Lecturer in American Literature, School of English, University of Sheffield.