Charlotte Hodes
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Decriminalising Ornament: the pleasures of pattern The 9th International Illustration Research Conference, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK, 17 – 18 November 2018

In her presentation ‘Woman as Ornament?’ Hodes will present her project, Grammar of Ornament, alongside her major installations that she exhibited in her solo exhibition Remember Me at Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2017 - Spode Trees and Dressed Silhouettes and Remember Me. She will relate this work to her use of papercut as a means of bringing together the languages of drawing, printmaking and painting. The presentation will draw upon visual references including Nathalie Gonchavara, Sonia Delaunay and Yayoi Kasuma and how the decorative can be regarded as a rich source of material from which to explore feminist issues and subvert the negative associations of women as ornament.