Charlotte Hodes
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Tea Journey: From the mountains to the table, Compton Verney 6 July - 22 September 2019

Charlotte Hodes’ installation, After the Taking of Tea, alongside Tea Party, apprehension & breakage a new large scale related papercut, is included in this major exhibition, curated by Antonia Harrison.

After the Taking of Tea, first shown at Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales, took the idea of the ceremony of taking tea as its starting point for an exploration of female roles. This large scale installation presents a panoramic view, taking in a wide range of references from art, architecture and literature in which Hodes’ women move through as shadows or silhouettes. The work was inspired by the tradition of domestic everyday-ware and the manner in which it brought high art into the homes of a growing middle class. Charlotte’s use of the ‘ready-made’ ware immediately locates the work within familiar experience and in particular into the female space of the kitchen or dining room. By taking these forms such as plates, cups and saucers as ‘given’, she transforms the taking of tea through her collage processes of cutting and layering into an event which crosses time and continents.

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Compton Verney
Compton Verney
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